80 Series/LX450 Double Cup Holder

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This is a double cup holder for a 91-97 Toyota LandCruiser and 96-97 Lexus LX450. It also has a cell phone holder, 2 pen holders, and a flash light holder. This comes in the factory Tan “Oak” color common to the LX450 and some Toyota LandCruisers and the Toyota Gray that is common on LandCruisers. I also offer this is the Right Hand Drive (RHD) version for the non US spec console. The black inserts are removeable to allow for larger beverage containers like a nalgene bottle. I also have an optional “small insert” that fits into the existing inserts that will allow better fitment of more narrow and tall beverage containers like insulated travle mugs, soda cans, and grocery store water bottles. This item comes with 3m automotive adhesive installed on the bottom side. You can use the adhesive strips only to mount this but I would encourage you to also use the 4 provided screws/holes for added insurance. You need to predrill the holes on the center console with a smaller bit then the diameter of the screw. If you don’t predrill the holes you risk cracking the plastic on the center console. DON’T use a powered drill to screw in the screws. You can easily over torque the screws and strip the plastic holes. Use a handheld screwdriver and stop when you get decent resistance. If you have any questions feel free to message me on here. I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for 80 Series/LX450 Double Cup Holder

  1. Steve M

    Absolutely awesome in every way. How did Toyota screw this up so bad.

  2. Faisal Haque

    The single most important mod for any 80 series. Has held up to my extremely messy ways for a year and a half. Very well made and thought out.

  3. Joel G

    Fits my LX450 perfect with a good color match to the interior plastic. Very well designed product.

  4. Jimmy

    Not sure how lived without this for so long. Fit and color is great. My girlfriend loves it because it fits her obnoxiously big hydro flask and Even my old man who was against this at first is now asking for one for his FJ80 haha

  5. Adam

    I was reluctant to purchase these cupholders for a while due to the price, but boy was I being a cheap-o! I’m so glad I finally pulled the trigger.

    They are very solid, well printed, and are form fitted shockingly well to the console.

  6. Timothy Ryerson

    amazing product. i looked forever to find a solution for the crappy drink holder setup in the 80 series. Nothing worked – until this one! Well made and strong and installs easy. awesome customer service as well.

  7. Ethan Boyd

    I have never been this excited about cup holders great quality and it matches the interior much better than I thought it would 10/10 would buy again

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