3rd Gen 4Runner Double CupHolder 96-02

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This is a double cup holder for the 3rd gen Toyota 4Runner. It is made of ABS plastic and comes in the two factory colors which are tan “Oak” and the dark gray. The larger hole has an insert which holds large fast food cups. With the insert removed it can hold large water bottles like a Nalgene bottle. The smaller cup holder can still hold large fast food type drinks snugly but can also securely hold small diameter containers like a soda can, small drink, and grocery store water bottles. There is also a cell phone slot on the passenger side that can handle almost all phones on the market. There is also a notch in the smaller cup holder to allow a large cell phone to slide in. This slot will hold the new IPhone6 plus. There is also two pen holders. This cup holders does NOT allow for full movement of the passenger seat. There is about 4″ of forward motion lost but the seat can still go back almost 6″ without issue. If full motion of the seat is extremely important to you then order the single cup holder which allow for that movement. Install Instructions There are 4 strips of 3m automotive adhesive already installed. This is the primary method of attachment. Make SURE the console is cleaned really well before you attach and use good force when attaching. The cup holder will not bond well if the console is not clean. 2 screws are also included to be used in the 2 screw holes. One is underneath the black insert and the other is on the outer corner of the bottom edge of the passenger side. The screws are an added insurance to ensure the cup holder is secure. I would highly encourage you to use the screws. Use a hand held screw driver to thread the screws in. Do not use a drill because you will probably strip the screw hole. Also, do not over tighten them by hand. Turn the screw until it is snug and then stop.




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3 reviews for 3rd Gen 4Runner Double CupHolder 96-02

  1. Paul DuPont

    This is a fantastic upgrade to your 3rd generation 4runner. It is expertly thought out, designed, and fabricated. I was looking to change out my center console with a later model one to give me the cupholders on the floor until I ran across this one. Easy installation, sturdy, doesn’t interfere with the passenger. I would purchase for any model simply due to the fact that it holds a Nalgene sized container – that alone receives two thumbs up. I recently took an excursion on some very rugged terrain and the drinks in the holder were held in place as they should be.

    Thank you, BH3D Printing, for delivering such a great product!

  2. Tami Barbin

    I purchased the 3rd generation cup holders for my daughters 97 4runner probably about 1 year ago, and have been meaning to write a review. I noticed driving with her there was really no good cup holders. She has a pull out cup holder on the dash, but not very sturdy. Her boyfriend put it on for her and they love it…it was an GREAT gift…thx BH3D.

  3. Robert

    Great design, great product.
    Better than the factory dash , less hassle than switching the center console. My 98 4wd will hold a large drink with spilling!
    Read the above comments about moving the passenger seat all the way forward. Otherwise no concerns no hassles
    Buy it! 5 Stars

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