BH3D Printing launched into the 3D printing world back in 2012. As an off-road enthusiast and a lifetime Toyota owner, we saw a small need with Toyotas in the cup holder department. We started designing functional cup holders for our different Toyotas to fit our needs. Word spread that we were making these with our single desktop 3D printer. A few months later, we picked up two more machines. Eventually, we created a goal to turn this little thing into a side business for our family.

BH3D Printing now has over 70 3D printers in production in four locations across Southern California and Kentucky. We now have a great team of designers, printers, production specialists, machinists and shippers. We started out selling to the local Southern California Toyota community, but now, we ship to over 70 countries worldwide with new vendors/partners in four countries.

We made sure all products, manufacturing, and materials are done or made here in the US. We have partnered up with numerous other small US vendors to get better prices and quicker shipping to our customers.

BH3D Printing
397 Old Baptizing Hole Rd.
Whitley City, KY 42653