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3rd Gen 4Runner Double CupHolder 96-02


This is a double cup holder for the 1996-2002 3rd gen Toyota 4Runner. It is made of ABS plastic and comes in the two factory colors which are tan “Oak” and the dark gray. This design is for the automatic 4WD and 2WD versions. It will NOT work on the manual transmission console. Our single cup holder design has an option for the manual tranny. The larger hole has an insert which holds large fast food cups. With the insert removed it can hold large water bottles like a Nalgene and Hydroflask bottle. The smaller cup holder can still hold large fast food type drinks snugly but can also securely hold small diameter containers like a soda can, small drink, and grocery store water bottles. There is also a cell phone slot on the passenger side that can handle almost all phones on the market. There are also two pen holders. This cup holder does NOT allow for full movement of the passenger seat. There is about 4″ of forward motion lost but the seat can still go back almost 6″ without issue. If full motion of the seat is extremely important to you then order the single cup holder which allow for that movement. Install Instructions There are 4 strips of 3m automotive adhesive already installed. Make SURE the console is cleaned really well before you attach and use good force when attaching. 2 screws are also included to be used in the 2 screw holes. The shorter silver screw goes underneath the black insert and the longer black screw goes in the lower side hole on the passenger side. Use a hand held screw driver to thread the screws in. Do not use a drill because you will probably strip the screw hole. Turn the screw until it is snug and then stop.