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3rd Gen 4Runner Rear Double Cup Holder (1996-2002)


The is a rear double cup holder made for the 1996-2002 3rd Generation Toyota 4Runner. It is made of ABS plastic through the use of a 3D printer. It comes in the two factory colors of Tan and Gray. It can hold most beverage containers on the market. The inside diameter of the holes is 3″ so anything inside that diameter will fit. The flimsy factory rear cup holder will need to be removed first. There are two screws that hold the factory pull out cup holder in place. Once you pull it out you will be able to see and access them. Those 2 screws will not be reused. The new much stronger cup holder will come with 2 new longer screws. The cup holder should slide right into the hole left behind from the factory cup holder. You will need to apply force across the bottom to “click” the cup holder into place. Make SURE you here/feel the cup holder click into place. It has a locking tab underneath that will help secure it onto the console while you thread in the two screws. Remember that you are threading into plastic tabs and not metal. The screws can easily crack those tabs if you over tighten them. Get them snug and then stop turning. You can also use the 3M adhesive strip for added insurance but that is not a must.

1st Gen 4runner Single Cup Holder


This is a cup holder for the 1st gen body 4runner. It is for the manual transmission set up ONLY. It will hold just about any fast food cup size drink with the insert installed. With the insert removed it can hold a large sports (Nalgene) bottle. There is also a pen holder and cell phone holder. The inside width of the cell phone slot is 3.25″ That should accept just about any cell phone on the market including the new IPhone6 plus. There are two avialable colors: the dark gray or black. Both colors come in a satin/flat finish. Installation: There are two strips of 3M automotive adhesive underneath the cup holder to aid in attachment. There are also 2 screw holes located at the bottom of the cell phone tray and on the bottom outer edge. Two self taping screws are provided. No drill bits or power tools are needed. Just thread the screws into the plastic with a handheld phillips screw driver. They will drill themselves into the plastic. Do NOT over tighten. You are threading into thin plastic. Thread the screws in until they are snug and stop.