62 Series Double Cup Holder

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This is a double cup holder insert for the 62 Series Toyota Landcruiser. This cup holder will hold two cups, two phones, a wallet, a pen/pencil, and a flashlight. It is designed to fit the transmission hump in front of the center console. It will lay flat on the hump and match the contours of the 60 series interior. This is made of ABS plastic with a black satin finish. It will come with strips of 3M adhesive installed and 4 self taping screws. You can use the adhesive only or the adhesive and screws; depending on how secure you want the cup holder.

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2 reviews for 62 Series Double Cup Holder

  1. Erik Stover

    Very impressed with the cup holder from BH3D printing! Very secure and high quality feel. If you’re looking for a cup holder for your FJ62 I would highly recommend this one!

  2. Andrei

    This thing is awesome. Game changer in the FJ62. So good I bought one for my dad’s 62 as well!

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