80 Series/LX450 Rear Double Cup Holder

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This is a rear double cup holder for the 91-97 Toyota Land Cruiser and Lexus LX450. It has a storage slot underneath that can hold sunglasses or anything else in that size range. The small circle in the front between the cup slots is for an LED flashlight (not provided). The normal hardware store/harbor freight small LED flashlight will fit in that slot. Most stores carry that size. The black inserts are removable and allow for a wide range of different types of containers. There is also an optional “Travel Mug” insert. This allows for better fitment of tall containers with a narrow bottom. This option will provide 1 insert and NOT 2. The rear double cup holder comes in the factory “Oak” tan color and the dark gray. There are 3 types of attachment. The first is the “hook” up top that grabs onto the top of the center console. Then there are the 3 large strips of 3M automotive adhesive on the backside, and finally there are 4 screws holes. There is a process to the installation so please follow the steps correctly.

If your center console has a tray and NOT a padded top then you will follow the install instruction at the bottom of this paragraph. For those with the padded top; use the directions following. You will first need to remove the 2 lower screws that hold the lid/top storage compartment to the center console. If you have an LX450 then you will need to remove the 3 lower screws. There is an extra middle screw that the Toyota version does not have. The hinge is connected at the outer edges and is open down the middle. Once the lid is removed then go ahead and remove the red backing off the adhesive. You will then need to carefully slide the “hook” through the hinge and then line the hinge back up with the factory holes. This can be a little tricky if you have an LX450 with the spring over the hinge so take your time. You will probably want an extra set of hands at this point to pull the cup holder back and away from the center console just a tad. You don’t want that adhesive to bond onto the console yet. If the “hook” cracks at any point; dont’ stress. It’s only function is to help you hold it in place and line it up during install. the screws and adhesive are your primary attachment method. Once the cup holder hook is through the hinge and the hinge is back in its original place go ahead and put the middle screw back in. This will only be done if you have the LX450. Next you will need to slide the double cup holder to the left or right a tad to expose the outer screw holes. Thread in one outer screw then slide the cup holder into the opposite direction (covering the screw you just installed). Then install the other screw and make sure all are snug but don’t over tighten. You are screwing into the factory thin metal bracket. Slide the cup holder into the center of the hinge opening. Now you can push down on the cup holder to bond it to the console. Push with medium force and hold it for about 20 seconds. Make sure the center console is clean before you do this. Any dirt/dust/grease will weaken the bond. Finally I would HIGHLY suggest you install the 4 provided screws. Pre-drill a small hole before you thread in the screws. Install the screws manually with a screwdriver and not a drill. You can easily strip out the threads if you use a drill. This will pull the cup holder nice and snug to the console and help bond the adhesive. Those with the tray on top will receive a cup holder with no hook on back since that particular console does not allow the hook to pass through the hinge. There will simply be a small lip for the cup holder grab onto the backside of the console. It will bump right up against the hinge and help keep it centered while doing the install. That type of console does not need the lid removed during install.

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2 reviews for 80 Series/LX450 Rear Double Cup Holder

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Easy install, good color match for LX450 beige- great addition to vehicle. Appreciate that the black insert is removable to help clean up spills more easily.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is one of my favorite additions to the cruiser. The removable inserts allow me to hold anything from a 16 oz water bottle to my 40 oz Hydro Flask. It is sturdy and doesn’t have any rattles associated with it. Just buy it already. 🙂

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