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80 Series/LX450 Rear Double Cup Holder


This is a rear double cup holder for the 91-97 Toyota Land Cruiser and Lexus LX450. It has a storage slot underneath that can hold sunglasses or anything else in that size range. The small circle in the front between the cup slots is for an LED flashlight (not provided). The normal hardware store/harbor freight small LED flashlight will fit in that slot. Most stores carry that size. The black inserts are removable and allow for a wide range of different types of containers. There is also an optional “Travel Mug” insert. This allows for better fitment of tall containers with a narrow bottom. You can add 1 or 2 of these to the order. The rear double cup holder comes in the factory “Oak” tan color and the dark gray. There are 2 types of attachment. The first is the the 3 large strips of 3M automotive adhesive on the backside and 2nd are 4 screw holes and provided self tapping screws.  Make sure to use both forms of attachment.  In regards to installation, make sure you clean the backside of the console.  Simply stick the cup holder on the back of the console in your desired location. Then add the four screws with a screwdriver. Don’t use a power drill or you may strip the holes.

Additional Small Insert
Gray with small insert
Tan with small insert

60/62 Series Rear Double Cup Holder


This is a rear double cup holder made for the 1980-1990 60 and 62 Series Landcruiser. It is made of ABS plastic through the use of a 3D printer. The finish is a satin black that can be also used as a primer for the owner to do a custom OEM color match. It can hold most beverage containers on the market. The inside diameter of the holes is 3.25″ so anything inside that diameter will fit. There are also two holes for a pen/pencil. The rear sit WILL fold all the way down without issue but will make contact with the cup holder as it folds all the way down. The contact will not damage the cup holder. It comes with 4 strips of 3M automotive adhesive and 4 self tapping screws. The adhesive is strong but I would encourage you to use the screws as well. The adhesive will do a great job holding the cup holder in place while you attach the screws. Make sure the console is clean before you stick the cup holder down.

1st Gen 4Runner Double Cup Holder


This is a double cup holder for the 1st gen 4Runner. Be aware that there are two very different options. One option is for the folks with the short center console with the larger storage tray. This is NOT for the short console with rear heat. This option is only for the non heat short console. It comes with a cell phone slot, 2 pen holders, and a multi-tool/knife holder. Option two is for the later model gen 1’s with the taller console with padded armrest. This storage tray is more narrow. This option does not have the cell phone slot or knife holder due to lack of space. It does still hold two pens. These are made of ABS plastic. They will come in an unpainted gloss black finish. The gloss finish is for durability and ease of cleaning. It can be painted any color if desired.

1979-1980+ 40 Series Double Cup Holder


This is a double cup holder for a 1979-1980+ FJ40 Toyota Landcruiser. This console was also offered in years after 1980 in FJ40s without the rear heat. This is made of ABS plastic from a 3D printer. It will come in a smooth flat black finish. This double cup holder has holes of 3.25″ to allow for large drinks containers and the 30/40 oz. yeti type thermos. This cup holder will hold two cups, two pens, and a cell phone. It will come with strips of 3M automotive adhesive under the cup holder in case you want to permanently attach it to the console but that is not required for install. No hardware needed.