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80 Series (95-97) Dash Bezel/Cell Phone Mount


This is an accessories dash bezel for the 80 series (95-97) dash. There is only one type of bezel that accepts all the different options. This will also fit the LX450. This is made of ABS plastic and will allow you to add two more accessories like OEM and Aftermarket buttons/switches, CB mic holder, cell phone holder, single 1″ RAM ball, and a double 1″ RAM ball. If the dash came with the factory pull out single cup holder then that will need to be removed. If there is a black plastic hollow insert/cubby instead of the pull out cup holder then the insert will need to be removed and discarded. The holding tabs for the factory insert are at the top. You need to compress them to pull out the insert from the dash. Reuse the two factory screws in the dash that are behind the cover to install the bezel. The cell phone holder will come with an additional 4 screws for mounting. You can also add a plug or two if you do not have two accessory buttons yet. There is also a CB mic holder that can be placed in one of the holes. The cell phone mount, plugs/inserts, RAM Ball, and CB holder are an extra cost. The finish of the bezel and inserts are a satin black to match the other black parts on the dash.

3rd Gen 4Runner Rear Cargo Accessories Panel


This is a rear cargo area accessories plate that replaces the OEM panel. This is designed for the 1996-2002 4Runner. This is made from ABS plastic by a 3D printer. There are two versions available. There is design #1 which has 2 accessory 12 volt holes/plugs, 1 OEM window switch hole (window switch not included), and one 12 volt meter display. There is also design #2 which has 3 12 volt accessory holes (no window switch hole), and a 12 volt meter. Please be aware the top right corner MUST be the 12 volt meter due to the shallow design of that accessory. Behind the plastic interior wall is a metal plate in that location and a full depth 12 volt accessory plug will not fit. The other 3 accessory locations do not have anything behind it and any 1″ accessory plug can be mounted there. You can order this as the plate only OR fully set up with all accessory plugs pre-installed. Running wiring and providing the extra wires is done by the customer. This accessory panel does not include any wiring.