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This is an ashtray for the rear ashtray hole on the 1981-1984 40 Series Landcruiser center console. This is designed to look very similar to the OEM design but not identical. The original OEM design had numerous structural issues leading to cracking in numerous places. Those structural issues have been addressed in this design. It will still fit, look, and function like the OEM design. The hinge hardware has also been reinforced to be much more robust then the OEM slide pegs that were originally used. There are pressed fit and hidden nuts under the hinge with countersunk hardened black bolts. The original OEM metal plate spring is NOT included with this cup holder. The updated hardware gives the lid a stiffer movement which removes the need for the metal plate spring. The recessed area is still in this design to accept the OEM plate spring if you decide you want the look of it. This is made of ABS plastic with a black satin finish.

Ashtray 40 Series 81-84+


This is a single cup holder for a 1979-1980+ FJ40 Toyota Landcruiser. This console was also offered in years after 1980 in FJ40s without the rear heat. This is made of ABS plastic from a 3D printer. It will come in a smooth flat black finish. This single cup holder has a hole of 3.25″ to allow for large drinks containers and the 30/40 oz. yeti type thermos. This cup holder will hold one cup, two pens, and a cell phone. It will come with strips of 3M automotive adhesive under the cup holder in case you want to permanently attach it to the console but that is not required for install. No hardware needed.

1979-1980+ 40 Series Single Cup Holder