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3rd Gen TEQ Grille Badge


This is an aluminum grille badge for the 1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner. There are 3 different grille options under this product. There is the grille badge for the 96-98 grille, the 99-00 grille, and the 01-02 grille. They are very different in how they mount so be careful to order the correct one. The 96-98 and the 99-00 Grille badge will come with a backing plate that mounts to the grille surface and the aluminum badge will mount to the backing plate. No hardware is needed for the 96-98 and 99-00 grille badge. The 01-02 grille badge does not come with a backing plate but instead will come with 3 screws and washers to use the factory mounting holes. Make sure to use the provided washers with the screws. Those are used to set the depth correctly and allow the badge to sit totally flush to the grille. Make sure the grill emblem surface has been thoroughly cleaned before mounting any of the badges. 

01-02 bare metal
01-02 black
01-02 red
96-98 bare metal
96-98 black
96-98 red
99-00 bare metal
99-00 black
99-00 red

3rd Gen 4Runner Console Accessory Plate


This is an accessories panel for the 1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner. It mounts to the center console. This is made by a 3D printer from ABS plastic. This will accept OEM Toyota switches from 95-02 and some aftermarket switches. There are two options which is the 4 hole plate and the 2 holes plate. Install instructions will be provided with the packaging. Blank plug inserts can be ordered separately if you want 4 holes but only have 2 accessories so far and don’t want to have an ugly hole for a time period.