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3rd Gen 4Runner Single CupHolder 96-02


This is a single cup holder for the 3rd gen Toyota 4Runner. It is made of ABS plastic and comes in the two factory colors which are tan “Oak” and the dark gray. The cup holder will hold any fast food cup and most beverage container sizes. If you remove the black insert then you have a much larger diameter cup holder for items like a Nalgene bottle. The cell phone slot 3.25″ across and .65″ deep which will allow for most larger cell phones on the market with a case. There is also a pen holder. This single cup holder DOES allow for almost full movement of the passenger seat front to back. You lose about 1/2″ of forward movement which is very minimal. You could push the cup holder forward to allow for full movement of the seat but that would cause the larger fast food cups to come in contact with the dash but that is also minimal. This is available for the automatic and now manual trans. Install Instructions There are 3 strips of 3m automotive adhesive already installed. This is the primary method of attachment. Make SURE the console is cleaned really well before you attach and use good force when attaching. The cup holder will not bond well if the console is not clean. 2 screws are also included to be used in the 2 screw holes. The screws are an added insurance to ensure the cup holder is secure. I would highly encourage you to use the screws. Use a small drill bit and predrill the holes once the cup holder has been stuck into place. Then use a hand held screw driver to thread the screws in. Do not use a drill because you will probably strip the screw hole. Also, do not over tighten them by hand. Turn the screw until it is snug and then stop.