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1st Gen 4runner Cup Holder Console Insert


This is a single cup holder for the 84-89 Toyota 4Runner. This is made of ABS plastic by a 3D printer. It has a 3″ diameter hole which will hold most beverage containers on the market. It also has a cell phone holder slot that is 3.5″ wide which will accept just about every major phone style available. There is a notch at the bottom of the cell phone slot to allow a charging cable to be ran up from the bottom. Be aware you will need to cut a hole in the bottom on the console to be able to run the cable. There are also two holes to accept pens and a small storage compartment in the back for whatever you can stick in there. There is a countersunk hole at the bottom in case you want to screw it in. That is not a must, just a preference. Any 3/4″- 1″ coarse thread screw will work. There are also 2 strips of 3M automotive adhesive on the bottom if you want to glue it into place. This comes in a satin black finish only. Be aware that there are 4 different consoles that came on the 1st gen 4Runner and this insert will only fit in two of them(which do seem to be the more popular options). Make sure to look at the pics to make sure they match your console.