1st Gen 4Runner Double Cup Holder


This is a double cup holder for the 1st gen 4Runner. Be aware that there are two very different options. One option is for the folks with the short center console with the larger storage tray. This is NOT for the short console with rear heat. This option is only for the non heat short console. It comes with a cell phone slot, 2 pen holders, and a multi-tool/knife holder. Option two is for the later model gen 1’s with the taller console with padded armrest. This storage tray is more narrow. This option does not have the cell phone slot or knife holder due to lack of space. It does still hold two pens. These are made of ABS plastic. They will come in an unpainted gloss black finish. The gloss finish is for durability and ease of cleaning. It can be painted any color if desired.

1995-2004 Tacoma Double Cup Holder


This is a double cup holder for the 1995-2004 Toyota Tacoma. There are two versions. One is for the 2WD and 4WD automatic and one is for the 2WD/4WD manual tranny. They are identical other than the mounting surfaces underneath. They come in the two factory colors of gray or tan. You can also order in satin black if preferred. It is made of ABS plastic. This cup holder will hold two drinks, a cell phone, flashlight, and 2 pens. It mounts with 2 strips of 3M automotive adhesive and 2 self taping screws. The screws are not a must for install but are a nice added bit of insurance for extra strength if you are adding two large drinks. The cup holder will hook up onto the console by wedging itself between the tranny shifter bezel and the console bezel. If you have the automatic tranny version you may need to wiggle the console and shifter bezel a bit to get the hook to slide down into place. It is a snug fit but does fit.