Universal 2oz. Hand Sanitizer Holder


This is a 3D printed 2oz. Hand Sanitizer bottle holder. It is made from ABS plastic. It will hold most major brands of 2oz. hand sanitizer bottles. It comes with 3 strips of 3M automotive adhesive. Some of the brands it holds are shown in picture 5 but there are more. This holder can be stuck to any flat surface in your car, shop, work space, garage, kitchen, etc. Make sure the surface you stick it to has been thoroughly cleaned first. You can order this holder with 1, 2, or 3 bottles of hand sanitizer.

89-94 Toyota Pickup Console Cup Holder


This will fit in the 1989-1994 Toyota pickup console. This was mostly offered in the SR5 model. This is 3D printed from ABS plastic. No hardware or tools are needed to install. This will NOT fit in the 4Runner from the same years. That is a different console and we make a different cup holder for the 4Runner console.