Aluminum LX450/LX470 TEQ Grill Badge


This aluminum TEQ badge mounts onto the front grille of your a 96-97 Lexus LX450, 98-02 LX470, and the 03-05 LX470. The factory chrome “L” must be removed. The factory mounting holes and 3 factory screws will be used except on the 03-05 TEQ badge which only uses adhesive just like the OEM badge. For the LX450 badge you will want to remove the factory grille from your 80 to remove the factory emblem and install the new emblem. There are 2 screws on top, 2 on the front left and right side, one in the bottom middle, and one plastic tab at the top middle. You will want to use pliers to pinch and release the upper middle tab once all 5 screws have been removed. You will reuse your 3 factory screws. The 98-02 LX470 grille can remain in place while installed the new TEQ badge. Access to the factory badge is much easier. There will be 3 threaded holes on the backside of the emblem as well as strips of 3M automotive adhesive. You can use both forms of attachment or only one but I would suggest both for the added insurance. These came in black/silver or red/silver. The red is a gloss red and the black is a satin black. Those two finishes looked best for those two colors. Remember the 03-05 LX470 badge only has adhesive since that is how the factory badge was installed. The letters will have a brushed aluminum look to them. More pictures of the black color and installed will be coming soon.

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